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Upick hours: Closed until blackberries come on. Maybe 2 weeks? Watch for updates.

Spring Strawberries: Done (no crop this year)
Black Raspberries: Done for 2017

Summer Red Raspberries: Done for 2017
Blackberries: Guessing we will start u-pick late July or early August.
Fall red raspberries: September through first frost.

If you are on our email list we will email when picking starts and picking days, or watch facebook and our website!

We also now carry some jam making supplies, including Pomona’s Pectin in our store! If you are wanting to make sugar free jam or jam using honey, try Pomona’s!

Raspberries: Our red berries are large and flavorful, freeze and jam well. Fall berries are larger than summer berries. Black raspberries are smaller and seedier. Like the strawberries, they need to be used within a few days of picking! U-Pick raspberries are $3.29/lb + tax for the first 8 lbs, additional pounds are $2.99 + tax.

Picked Berries must be ordered in advance, berries aren’t picked until ordered. We pick in the morning so order berries no later than the day before you need them. Picked flats are $27/red and $30/black for a 5 lb flat, tax included, $15/red $17/black for a half flat.

Raspberry Hints: Don’t wash berries until just before you use them. These berries freeze very well, I recommend lightly rinsing, drain well, then place them on a cookie sheet in a single layer, freeze, then put in plastic bags.

Stop by the store to get your picking “buskets” and check in when you come!

If you can’t live without one of our picking buckets/baskets, you can purchase new ones for $2! We also have strawberry corers, jars, and pectin. 

Hints for processing: If you want to freeze strawberries for smoothies and more, pick the smaller sized ones, they freeze the best whole. Wash, core, and drain them good (I use a salad spinner) and put them on a cookie sheet to freeze, then put them in a freezer bag or container so you can pull out individual berries instead of a solid mass!

Strawberries: No spring u-pick for 2017, sorry! If you have forgotten what a strawberry is supposed to taste like, come see us! Our season is usually a few weeks in June, watch for updates or call or email to be put on a contact list. We are trialing some everbearers which means we may have limited numbers of strawberries in late summer. U-Pick is $6.99/gallon + tax for the first 4 gallons, the 5th gallon up is $5.99+ tax. People usually fill gallons 4-6 lbs. Picked Gallons are $10.50, tax included.

We grow what we call 2 day berries. They are very large sweet and juicy, and will need to be used soon (2 days) after picking as they will not keep like the shipped varieties. We select varieties that jam and freeze well, as well as taste amazing fresh. Many people comment that Tubbs’ Berries are the best berries they have ever had! We grow our strawberries on raised beds covered with plastic mulch. The irrigation system runs under the plastic which means the fruit is generally clean and dry. The only water that hits the fruit comes from the sky. We don’t use any chemicals in the fields. Children are welcome to pick if they are supervised. Berries need to be cooled as soon as possible after picking, they deteriorate rapidly in the heat!

Pumpkin Patch: Pumpkins aren’t berries but we thought you might like to know that yes, we planted our pumpkin patch this year! There will be a straw maze, hayride, corn cannon and petting zoo!  See the Pumpkin Patch Page for more info!

  33 Responses to “Berries”

  1. Hi, Can you put me on the list to be called when your berries are ready? We are interested in any berries you carry for picking! Thanks, Crystal 208-358-1410

  2. Can you please add me to your list for a phone call when your berries are ready..thanks! Sandra (208) 481-0389

  3. I would love to know how much you berries cost for u-pick?

    • U-Pick Strawberries are $6.50/gallon + tax for the first 4 gallons, 5 gallons and up are $5.75 + tax.

  4. hi I would like to be put on your list for everything.
    heather taylor 8018886947 thank you

  5. I would love to be on the list! 208-316-6247

  6. I would like to be put on the list to be called when you have berries, (Strawberries and raspberries)
    Thank You!

  7. I would like to be contacted when the strawberries are ready.

  8. I would like to be put on the list for picking berries when they come available. 208-410-9643

  9. Hi!!
    Looking forward to your strawberries again this year.
    Wanted to make sure I’m on the list!

  10. I’d like to be contacted when the strawberries and raspberries are ready. Thanks! (208) 404-8145

  11. We will start picking strawberries the end of this week!

  12. I would like updates when your berries are ready to pick thank you.

  13. Hi, can you please put me on the list to pick for all berries. Fridays or Saturdays work best. Thanks!

  14. plz put me on your list 208293-4552. i work at a preschool and would love to visit you farm again so children can learn about your berries and visit your pumpkin patch

    • Strawberries are done but I will let you know about raspberries! Our pumpkin patch opens Sept. 20th this year!

  15. Please add me to your notification list for all berries.
    Thank you,

  16. Hello! Would love to know when the raspberries are ready.

    • I added you to the berry list, I’ll let you know. It will probably be in September, they are looking good right now!

  17. I would love to make it a day trip with my grandkids. We will be coming from the Salt Lake Valley. How long do you think it would take us to get there? What is your exact address so I look it up on Google Maps? When will the resberries ready to pick? I grew up in California so strawberry and cherry picking is one of my very best memories. I look forward to sharing it with my grandkids. They range in age from 6 to 16 yrs. I think we will all really enjoy it.
    Sue Allen

  18. We would like to come up and pick raspberries. Please let us know when we can.

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