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Farm School


We have found that many of our customers would like to grow things but need some guidance, and  many tell us they wish they could give their families the “farm experience”. Now is your chance to do both! Introducing, Tubbs’ Berry Farm Farm School!

Farm School Families learns about growing produce by growing the CSA garden. This garden share program allows participants to grow quality produce without chemicals here on our farm. From berries to pumpkins and honeybees, there is always something to learn, lots of work, and lots of fun when you share a garden! 2014 we saw a hail storm and some strange weather patterns that taught us a lot as a group. This year we will be putting up a greenhouse and hopefully improving the production of some of the produce we grow. There is always something new to learn.

Participants will receive:

  • Family friendly education on growing, harvesting, and preserving fruits and vegetables, starting seeds, saving seeds, beekeeping, animal husbandry, and more. This education will be hands on, kids of all ages learning by doing!
  • The opportunity to work with their families on a real farm! This includes the opportunity to work in the CSA garden, in the berry fields, and even the pumpkin patch!
  • The opportunity to learn where their food comes from, and reap the rewards of the harvest!
  • One CSA full-share basket is included in the cost of tuition, which means your family will get a basket of fresh product they helped grow each week during harvest! If you don’t want to help grow the CSA basket, but wish to get a weekly basket of fresh produce grown here on the farm,  click here to order a CSA share. or get more information about what is included in the weekly baskets.


  • Tuition is $318/family for the season, plus 6% Idaho Sales Tax.
  • Participants must also complete a registration form and may be asked to complete a liability waiver. (Online registration form on the bottom of this page, or download pdf or word document below.
  • Because the CSA garden offsets the cost of Farm School, participants will be expected to participate throughout the summer. If you will not be able to participate and work in the garden during the summer, please consider a CSA share instead! The real value of the program is the work days where we learn not only about weeds and pests, but work together and create something wonderful! Our goal is to make the work fun for the entire family (all ages), provide an opportunity to work hard for short periods of time, and provide lots of learning along the way! Most of our education days will be on Saturdays until school gets out, work days will be available on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning. Other work days available throughout the week this year. See below for some of the class dates.
  • Please note that this is a garden share. Participants share the bounty and the risk. If a hail storm kills all the melons and wipes out most of the crop, this is a risk you share. If we have a bumper crop of the same produce, you will get plenty to take and share with friends and family. Farming is always a gamble so please be aware that there are no guarantees as to what or how much will be produced during the year.

If you are interested in helping on a limited basis and don’t want to sign up for Farm School, watch facebook and our calendar for our volunteer opportunities!

Some 2018 Farm School Class Dates:

Saturday, February 24 10-12: Seed Starting, Tubbs’ House

Saturday, March 17 10-12: Seed Starting, early planting, Tubbs House

Saturday, April 21st 9-11: Sheep Shearing, all things woolly (weather permitting)

*Saturday, April 27 12-6 and 28 8-2: Bee Day (Optional and open to the public. If you want to come learn about bees. Volunteers needed. )

Saturday, May 12th tentative strawberry and tree planting day

*Saturday, May 19th: Pumpkin Planting (open to the public)

Other work days will start in May, we will begin working weekly in June! Generally Saturdays 8-10 or Tuesdays 3-5

*Farm School activities that are open to the public

During the summer we will have weekly pickups of CSA baskets, and generally work 2 hours on those days preparing the baskets and working around the farm. Families are generally welcome to come other times during the week and work if they want to as well. Other class times and specific topics will be announced as the year gets going. There will be some processing days as well for families that want to learn to freeze or can some of the produce from the garden and, these will be longer sessions.

To apply: Simply complete the application form. You can download it or complete online form at the bottom of this page (yes, after the pictures). We will let you know if your family has been accepted into the program! Payment is not necessary until you have received confirmation of acceptance into the program. If you have questions, please call or email us! 961-0969 or

Farm_School_Application PDF

Farm_School_Application Word


Farm School Application for Individuals and Families

  • Please give us some information about yourself to help us put together a great working group for the year. We will let you know if you have been selected to participate in our school this year!


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