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Rain-Flo Equipment

End of the Year Sale December 5-31st! Most Equipment is 10% off Rain-Flo Catalog price (8% Credit Card sales) and great rates on freight! Deals on Plastic Mulch and Drip Tape as well! Orders must be paid for by Dec. 31st!

If you’re a grower in Idaho or the Western US, you know how difficult it is to find equipment out here. We now carry Rain-Flo planting equipment. These are the best plastic mulch layers, drip tape layers, and bed shapers we have found on the market. Best of all, they are made in the USA! Check out the 2600, 2550 or 2400 raised bed mulch layers, flat bed mulch layers, the water wheel planter, mini water wheel planter, and mulch lifters! We also have several sizes of drip tape, plastic mulch, and drip irrigation fittings in stock. We are starting small, but as demand grows we will carry more equipment and supplies on site. You are always welcome to come out to our farm here in Twin Falls, Idaho and see how the equipment works! We also carry drip tape and plastic mulch!

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We bring in a truckload every spring, and have inventory on hand until it is sold. If you want to save money and get items that we don’t normally stock, all orders made and paid for by Dec. 31st will feature deals on pricing and shipping on anything in the Rain-Flo catalog. So, if there is something you need that we don’t stock, or you want to save some money next year, contact us in December. If you would like on our email list for a reminder and information on pre-order deals, please email us at

Why raised beds?

  • Earlier Crops: Raised beds will make your produce crop earlier due to warmer better drained soils.
  • Cleaner Crops: Crops stay off the ground and are easier to pick. Dirt is not rolled onto plastic if between rows are cultivated.
  • Prevent Erosion: Rows should be laid with the field contour.
  • Remove Plastic Fast: Plastic pulls away easier from raised beds.
  • More Yields: More soil around plants gives better yields.

Not ready to buy? We rent the flat bed mulch layer or Mulch Lifter for $100/day!