3/4″ Drip Tape Garden Kit


Looking for a better way to water your garden? Tired of fighting weeds?

 Try T-tape drip irrigation, it is simple to use and very efficient, which makes a difference if you are using city or well water! Use embossed plastic mulch with the drip system, and eliminate the weeds around your plants without the use of chemicals!

Here’s how it works. The adapter plugs into your garden hose or faucet. The mainline is a soft poly pipe that is simple to work with. You simply punch a hole with the hole punch tool, pop in your dripline connector, and attach the T-tape with a simple twist. If you change your mind, punch a new hole and pop in a goof plug. The T-Tape drippers soak the length of the tape, no need to match a plant up to the emitter, you get water the entire length. Add a timer, and the garden will water itself! We carry fittings so you can add to your kits easily. Customized kits are available, just ask!

We recommend the 1″ Garden Kit for gardens over 1/4 Acre.


3/4″ Garden Kit Includes:

  • 100′ 3/4″ Flat Tube header line (mainline)
  • Garden Hose Adapter
  • 3/4″ Filter and Adapter
  • 3/4″ Pressure regulator
  • Tee with pressure gauge
  • End Plug for header line
  • 10 Goof Plugs
  • 1000′ 10MIL T-Tape Drip Line
  • 20 Dripline Connectors w/shut-off valves
  • Hole Punch Tool
  • 25 Drip Tape End Sleeves
  • 6 Repair Couplings

Want to avoid weeding?

Simply roll out embossed plastic mulch over the drip tape, and plant in it. Roll it out a few weeks before planting, water, let the weed seeds germinate. They can’t get light and will die. Then poke a hole in the plastic with a stick and put in your plants or seeds, and you will have little or no weeds around your plants! Between rows of plastic we mow or burn young weeds with a propane torch (be careful not to burn the plastic). If you want an easy way to plant seeds without having to stoop, use our hand seed planter!


Additional information

Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 12 in


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