Plastic Mulch


Black Embossed

Pliant USA, and FilmTech are embossed and a softer film that stretches nicely over the bed. A reinforced and highly durable cast embossed film. Blocks weeds and prevents soil coming in direct contact with fruit and green vegetables. Cleaner produce, which means a higher market price. Works exceptionally well in a variety of soil types and climates. This mulch is wind resistant and elastic which makes it easier to apply and remove. Colored flagging strip for signal of roll nearly empty! Our experience is if you are going to plant a multiyear crop, go with the 1.5 Mil. The heavier plastic also pulls up easier at the end of the year. For great results, lay your plastic a couple weeks before you plant and let the weeds grow up and die under the plastic before you punch holes and plant!

Discount for Bulk Orders of 4000′ rolls
$4 on 4-10 rolls
$6 on 11-20 rolls
$9 on 21+ rolls
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Embossed Plastic Mulch

Fine diamond imprint add these features to embossed plastic

* Stronger, more tear resistance
* Less expansion when sun shines on plastic
* Does not flap as much in wind
* Plastic layers work better

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Weight N/A
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Roll Size

3' X 2400', 3' x 4000', 4' x 2400', 4' x 4000', 5' x 4000'


1 MIL, 1.25 MIL, 1.5 MIL


Black, White on Black


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