Rain-Flo 2400 Mini Raised Bed Plastic Mulch Layer

Forms a raised bed, lays the drip tape, and lays plastic mulch all in one pass! If you’ve been looking for a raised bed mulch layer you can pull with a small tractor, check this out! The water tank provides the weight, you can adjust it to the capacity of your tractor!

Adjustable bed height 3” to 5”. Will lay 4’ plastic mulch.

Requires 30-hp with 4-wheel drive.

In stock! Pick up at Tubbs’ Berry Farm Price:

2400 with double drip and center bed filler attachment: $3240




  • Will lay 4′ plastic with 58″ row spacing
  • Requires minimum 30-hp with 4-wheel drive
  • Water tank to adjust weight to match tractor size
  • Compact machine for high tunnels.
  • Adjustable tension brake on plastic roll carriers
  • Replaceable, reversible plow share
  • 3/8″ & 1/2″ UHMW poly lined bed press
  • Category I, 3-point hitch.

Optional Attachments:

  • Optional double or single drip applicator
  • Optional center fillers for heavy soils


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