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One of our goals has been to be an asset to our community by sharing the knowledge we have gained over the last several years. We found that many of our customers are people who want to learn how to do new things but aren’t sure where to go for the information. We also wanted to help provide families the opportunity to learn together. We started offering beekeeping classes, and will be offering other classes as we get the opportunity and time to do so.

Farm School: This is a hands on series of classes for families and individuals to learn about growing produce and farm life by doing it. Many of the classes will be offered for non farm school participants on a per class basis. Click on the link to learn more!

Beekeeping: Check out all the great beekeeping classes we have scheduled for the year!

Soap making: We carry a full line of soapmaking products, so of course we would teach you how to make it! Watch for class updates, or send me an email and I will let you know when we have classes coming up! You can also schedule a class for your group.

What other classes are you interested in? Send me an email if you have a class idea! We are looking at jam making, canning, candle making, etc. and are interested in what you would like to learn!

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  1. Theese sound FUN!

  2. Would love a canning class!

    • A canning class is one we have been thinking of adding, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do it! In the meantime, you are always welcome to call and ask canning questions, and are welcome to come help with what I am canning and learn that way!

    • I would love to learn canning…

  3. I would like how to start garden seeds. Garden planting. Compatable plants etc.

  4. I would like to see canning, herbs, gardening and anything else I just wanna learn to be self sufficient! Its just nice to see it here in town

  5. I would really enjoy a class on soap & lotion making; also lip balms. This would be a fun day and a great way to utilize other things bees make!

  6. I would love to learn Canning and how to make jam:)

  7. I would be interested in doing something similar with my 25 acre farm on the North Side. I want to keep growing anything other than houses in our community.

    • Good luck! We spent most of the last year working with the city to get zoning changed in our area to allow some of the things that are a grey area like our classes, and allow us to put in a building with actual bathrooms for our farm guests!

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