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Corn grown in plastic mulch grew taller and faster!

The shorter corn in front was planted a couple days after the tall corn in back. Both are using T-tape drip irrigation, the only difference is the plastic mulch! The tall corn was planted in black plastic mulch, the shorter corn in bare dirt. Note the difference in height and maturity. The corn was planted the last few days of June, and harvested the first of September.
Yes, this is our corn, grown here on our place using the equipment we sell, not a picture we “borrowed”. You are always welcome to see what we are growing!Corn grown in plastic mulch grew taller and faster!

Interested in a weed free garden? Ok, maybe not weed free, but certainly easier to manage! Drip irrigation and plastic mulch are amazing and can simplify gardening and farming. We discovered the advantages of using T-Tape and plastic mulch when we started our trial plots for strawberries. We wanted to make these amazing products more available to local farmers and gardeners so we began selling the products we use.  We would be happy to help you get set up!

Home garden advantages: efficiency and time savings. We water an almost 1/4 acre garden off of one zone on our sprinkler system, drip tape is that efficient. We set the timer and don’t worry about it! It is easy to use and set up, easy to fix if you change your mind, and the configurations are almost limitless! Several people got garden kits from us this year and are the envy of their neighborhoods! Plastic mulch gives plants an earlier start, fruit and vegetables are cleaner because they are not in the mud, and there aren’t as many weeds! If you have a large garden you can rent a flat bed mulch layer to put the drip tape and plastic mulch in the garden for you!

Commercial Growers: Save time and money! Drip tape uses little water compared to flood irrigation. Weed seeds are filtered out, and because water goes to the plants there are fewer weeds. Plastic mulch retains water and warms the soil which translates into earlier production! We plant melons from seed in the plastic mulch and get mature melons here in Twin Falls. You can see the difference on the corn. It is also fairly inexpensive!  For easy installation and removal of drip tape and mulch check out our selection of Rain-Flo equipment: plastic mulch layers, water wheel planters, and mulch lifters! We even have a flat bed mulch layer and a Mulch Lifter that we rent out for $100/day!